2022 Wings of Hope

June 25, 2022 all-day
Milton Memorial Park
115 Federal Street
Milton DE 19968


CSCDE held a successful 12th Annual Wings of Hope: A Butterfly Release on June 25, 2022 at Milton Memorial Park. This is a very special and unique celebration of life that has become an inspiration for many in the community who have been touched by cancer.  This memorable event featured a live butterfly release to symbolize the special lives lost to cancer. Wings of Hope is an event you will want to put on your calendar every year!

As a part of a repertoire of signature events that have become widely throughout Sussex County, this event is highlighted by the release of beautiful butterflies in recognition of family, friends, and neighbors throughout whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

We were thrilled to bring back vendors, art exhibit, entertainment, and more in 2022. We anticipate over 200+ people attended this uplifting event, and over 500 people watching virtually.


***Registration has now closed for purchasing butterflies. If you missed the event, you may still purchase merchandise and t-shirts!








Event Details:

9:00 AM          Welcome! Vendors & Activities Open

9:15 AM          Learn About CSCDE Programs by Kate Antisavage & Erika Narducci

9:30 AM          Milton Theatre Performs

10:00 AM        Sara ‘Songbird’ Freih Sings

10:30 AM        Ceremony Begins / Opening Remarks by Nicole Pickles

11:00-10 AM   Countdown to Butterfly Release (time is approximate)

Butterfly Release Update:

Monarch populations are down significantly (80-95%) and breeding is extremely volatile. These levels are so low that the migratory phenomenon to Mexico and coastal California is at risk.

CSCDE and the Wings of Hope planning committee want to do everything in our power to protect and respect our natural surroundings. Therefore, we are aware of this risk and have decided to release Painted Ladies during the ceremony this year.

Good news, Painted lady butterflies are stronger creatures than Monarchs and have more than 100 host plants including thistles, asters, and Joe pye weed. We will be selling seeded wildflower packets at the event and online this year to replace the seeded butterflies, as these contain many of the host plants enabling these butterflies and others species to survive and thrive!

What else can you do to help the Monarchs?

We can take action to protect natural habitat; to plant native milkweed and flowers; avoid pesticides; support wildlife-friendly, local, and organic agriculture; contribute to research efforts via community science; and organize ourselves to push for policy changes.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to another unforgettable event!

XercesSociety.org, Butterflyconservation.org

A BIG thank you to ALL of our generous 2022 donation items from the following:

302 Bicycles

Christmas Spirit


Harris Teeter

Irish Eyes

Mary Kay Independent Consultant – Connie Mauro

The Mercantile

Sea Shell Shop

Surf Bagel

Swell Joe Coffee

The Starboard

Tough Luck Tattoo

Vernon Powell

WaterGirl Farm

Center for Inland Bays Garden Center

We look forward to a lovely event in 2023!

The following are our respected Honorees:

All Cancer Patients

All Caregivers

All Survivors

All Those No Longer With Us

Anyone on This journey

Alice Barnett          Susan Baseman

Eileen Bedman          Rozi Berberian

Nelson Betts          Harry & Annie Betts

Parnell Biles          Marlene Bischoff

Nancy Bischoff          Father of Kristina Blackburn Blackburn

Sharon Bottura          Jesse Briner

Marlene Brown          Grace Bucklin

Frances Cameron          Sharron Cannella

May Cannella          Linda, Sue and Nancy of the Cape Artists

Wayne Catchpole        Don Coburn

Sharon Cooper          Richard A Cordrey

Faye Crossgrove          Jackie Crowley

Jerry Dalsey          Anthony DeLuca

Larry Demere          Joseph DeViva/DUKE my forever friend

Lee Dogoloff          Shawn Donnelly

Patricia Dvornick          The Many Friends of Lisa Eline Eline

William Farrow          Sharon Farrow

Linda Federico          RoseMary Fetterman

William P Fetterman Sr.          Fabiola Fiore

Francoise, Renee, Philippe Louarn Dupres, Nadjar, Gaeta         

Brooke T Freeman          Friends of Mindy 

Bonnie Futcher          Edythe Garman

Pastor John G          Louise George          

Father of Jon Garvey Garvey          Nancy Elizabeth Grimm   

Mathias Giordano          Anita Guzman

Barry Hastings          Dad, AKA Fred Hays Hays

Johnny Hitaffer          Alice Hitaffer

Maryanne Holzapfel          Tony Jackewicz

Leslie Jones          Kristen Kalfin

Sue Ann Kane          Robert Karpin

Robert Konkel          Carol Krebs

Ellen Landon          Mom of Charity Lewis Lewis

Pat, friend of Charity Lewis Lewis          Sharon Lupinski

Jessica Marrone          Diane Marshall

Michael Massey          Regina McCann

Jim McCann          Jane McMahon-Gilly

Dutch Miller          Samuel B Miller

Mildred S. Miller          Debbie Miller Johnson

Betty Millman          Erika Narducci

James Naylor          Penelope Neckowitz

Timothy Nelson          Joseph Ossi

Barbara Perrucci        Phyllis Ann Phillips

John A, Phillips, Sr.          Nicole Pickles

Gina Pike        Christopher Pointer

Anna Pollisino          Rhys Raitz

Courtney Brendan Riordan          Debi Romano

Michelle Sammons          Kelly Scafidi

Ray Schinzel          Antonie Schulz

Elle Shaeffer          Leslie Ann Simon

Dad AKA Leroy Skinner Skinner          Mom AKA Margie Skinner Skinner

Grandparents of Tommy Smith Smith         Evelyn Sobel

Martine Sorensen Diamond          Marian Stumpf

Steve & Pam Szypulski          Nancy Elizabeth Thigpen

Lynn Thompson          Tunnell Cancer Center Staff

Michelle Louise Warren          John & Anna Warrington

Carmen Washington          Marjorie Weiss

Richard Whalen          Jeannie Wittig

Nana Wittig          Rozi Zachowitz

Janice Zimmerman

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